• VAT registrations and deregistration
  • Calculations every second month, half yearly or yearly
  • Submission of VAT returns
  • VAT objections, audits and submitting supporting documents
  • Assistance with Customs registration


  • PAYE, UIF, SDL Registration and deregistration
  • UIF Registration at the Department of Labour
  • Monthly submissions to SARS and payments via Efilling (EMP201)
  • Monthly submissions of UIF returns to the Department of Labour via Ufilling
  • Monthly calculation PAYE, UIF, SDL
  • Payslips
  • Submission of PAYE, UIF, SDL reconciliations (EMP501) – IRP5, IT3


  • Income tax registration and deregistration for companies, close corporations, individuals, trusts and other entities
  • Set up of company/individual income tax structures
  • Submission of income tax returns for companies, close corporations, individuals (normal, commision earners, independent contractors), trusts and sole propriators
  • Income tax objections
  • Submission of supporting documents to SARS
  • Tax Clearance for companies, close corporations, individuals, trusts and other entities
  • Assistance in getting a tax directive
  • Assistance with Dividends tax


  • Annual returns for companies and close corporations
  • Change of company directors or close corporation members
  • Share certificates
  • Change of year end
  • Change of address
  • Change of auditor or accounting officer
  • Request for company or close corporation registration documents
  • Certificate of disclosure
  • Quick registration of companies


  • Capturing of financial data on Pastel – monthly or annually
  • Annual financial statements with Independent review if needed for companies, close corporations, individuals, trusts and sole proprietors
  • Audits
  • Management Reports  – monthly, half-yearly, quarterly
  • Advice if needed