The Big F Seminar provides guidelines regarding the Financial Year End and the relevant Financial Statements required by various entities, as well as by SARS.

Business owners, bookkeepers, prospective business owners, financial managers and anyone involved in a business’ finances should attend this seminar. You will leave the seminar empowered with the financial know-how to tackle the Financial Year End with confidence.

Often, stakeholders aren’t aware of what the Financial Year End entails and what the actual processes are. Many aren’t informed of how the financial statements should be put together, as well as exactly what information is needed by the accountant. On top of that – which is often the biggest headache – are SARS’ financial year end requirements.

The seminar also offers information on the legal obligation of a company’s directors regarding financial statements; because directors often don’t realise where their responsibilities lie and that they can be held liable if they aren’t compliant.

The Big F Seminar will be available soon!

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